Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions:


Q: Do you offer a warranty on your spanners?
A: We undertake to exchange or repair any of our items should they ever fail or break under normal working conditions due to faulty workmanship or material. This is a lifetime warranty.


Q: Where are you guys based?
A: We are based in Co. Cork in the South of Ireland

Q: Don’t a lot of rowers have Rigger Jiggers already?
A: Yes a lot of rowers do have them already, but in our experience Rigger Jiggers get lost very easily especially when they are owned by Juniors or Student Athletes who may not own a toolkit or other storage device for them. We have also found that many Rigger Jiggers go missing at regattas when they are needed most and are often not replaced due to the inconvenience and cost involved.
Even if you are particularly careful with your Rigger Jigger, there is always the chance that somebody will ask to borrow it and you will be left with the chance of losing it, or feeling uncomfortable saying no!
We make sure there is a supply of Rigger Jiggers readily available for these occasions!

Q: Will you be stocking more rowing goods?
A: If we see demand for different rowing goods we will of course aim to stock and sell them. If there is a certain good you think we should be selling please feel free to contact us and we will look into it!