50 – 10×13 Spanners





Our box of 50 10x13mm Spanners (Rigger Jiggers) are ideal for a Large sized Club, or one with a large turnover of new, young athletes who have a tendency to lose them often! The box of 50 10x13mm Spanners are very affordable for Clubs to purchase for resale. The 10x13mm Spanners (Rigger Jiggers) are made of Chrome Vanadium with a Chrome finish and are a compact size for easy transport and storage, they also include our engraved branding so you know they’re from us! The 10x13mm Spanners will open all 10mmX13mm nuts on European Boats.

*** Due to Brexit – Customs & VAT may apply to UK orders over £130 as we are shipping from the EU. This is calculated when the order arrives in the UK. Customers are responsible for this cost. ***

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Weight 2.2 kg