The Company

The 10×13 Guy is an Irish company who specialise in providing 10×13 Spanners to the rowing community in Ireland and abroad.

The company was founded by Irish Rowing Coach, Joseph Kearney in 2013 in response to the need he saw in the rowing community for good quality affordable 10×13 Spanners.

Joe first noticed this need when he was coaching a group Junior 14 boys and at every regatta they visited it would take an eternity to rig an 8 as there was usually only one or two Spanners between them. This only became a bigger problem when the usual regatta problems happened such as when boats had to re-rigged quickly in-between races.

When he tried to get some tools for his Junior 14 athletes he found that the only option was to buy a separate 10mm and 13mm spanner in a hardware store or pay a premium price for a Rigger Jigger from the UK.

Joe decided to invest some time sourcing, manufacturing and selling the 10×13 Spanners himself in order to solve this problem and in the process formed The 10×13 Guy.